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About Our Boards
North Carolina Symphony
About Our Boards

North Carolina Symphony Society, Inc.

The Society Board is the governing, policy, and operating board of the Symphony Society. It secures financial resources, approves program goals, engages in strategic planning, and oversees budgets, continuing the Society’s mission to achieve the highest level of artistic quality and performance standards, and embracing the dual legacies of statewide service and music education.

Mr. Don Davis, Chair, Raleigh
Dr. Wm. Charles Helton, Vice Chair, Raleigh
Mr. Joe Bastian, Treasurer, Chapel Hill
Mr. Terry L. Stevens, Assistant Treasurer, Raleigh
Mrs. Ashley Matlock Perkinson, Secretary, Raleigh
Ms. Sandi M. A. Macdonald, President & CEO, Raleigh

Ms. Deborah M. Aiken, Raleigh
Dr. Tim Altman**, Laurinburg
Dr. Trude R. Bate, Cary
Ms. Denise S. Bennett, Raleigh
Mrs. Janie W. Bird, Raleigh
Mr. Jud Bowman, Durham
Ms. Patty Briguglio, Cary
Mr. Steve Burriss, Raleigh
Mr. Tim Clancy, Raleigh
The Honorable Roy Cooper*, Raleigh
Mr. Jeffrey A. Corbett, Raleigh
Mr. Jim Datin, Chapel Hill
Mr. Richard L. Daugherty, Raleigh
Mr. Keith Donahue**, Raleigh
Dr. Robert N. Eby, Chapel Hill
Mr. Rick Gardner, Raleigh
Mr. Michael Gering, Raleigh
Mr. Mike Golden, Raleigh
Mr. Donald A. Haile, Raleigh
Mr. David Haines, Cary
Mrs. Elaine Bryant Hayes, Fayetteville
Mr. Richard E. Hinson, Chapel Hill
Mr. Kevin Howell**, Raleigh
Mr. L. Dwain Joyce*, Fayetteville
Mrs. Cecelia Eckert Kennedy, Morrisville
Ms. Rosemary Gill Kenyon, Raleigh
Dr. Robert Lacin, Raleigh
Mr. Robert MacNeill, Jr., Durham
Ms. Jane Marr**, Wilmington
Mr. Branford Marsalis, Durham
Mrs. Louise A. Miller, Cary
Ms. Ginger Minichiello, Carthage
Mr. James Morgan, Raleigh
Mrs. Florence Peacock, Chapel Hill
Dr. Emily Mann Peck, Raleigh
Ms. Margaret Smedes Poyner, Raleigh
Dr. Ramachandra P. Reddy, Cary
Ms. Donna Rhode, Cary
Mr. Jason Smith, Raleigh
Mrs. Tracey Fodor Smith, Farmville
Mr. David Sontag, Chapel Hill
Mrs. Linda J. Staunch*, New Bern
Mr. M. Gray Styers, Jr. Raleigh
Ms. Sandy Sully, Cary
The Honorable Catherine Truitt*, Cary
Mrs. Jennie Harris Wallace (deceased), Raleigh
Mr. Dereck Whittenburg, Raleigh
Secretary D. Reid Wilson*, Raleigh
Mr. Larry Wilson*, Raleigh
Mr. Tim Yull, Raleigh

*Ex Officio Member
**Governor’s Appointee


Lifetime Trustees

The Society and Foundation Boards gratefully recognize the individuals listed below as Lifetime Trustees for extraordinary involvement and leadership of the Symphony over a significant period of time.

Dr. Assad Meymandi – 2015 Inductee
Mr. Edward O. Woolner (deceased) – 2016 Inductee


North Carolina Symphony Foundation

The Foundation Board holds the permanent endowment of the Symphony, solicits additions to the endowment, safeguards and invests assets, and prudently expends funds for the exclusive use and benefit of the Symphony Society.

Mr. Larry Wilson, President, Raleigh
Mr. Chip Anderson, Vice President, Raleigh
Col. Matt Segal, Treasurer, Cary
Ms. Dianne C. Sellers, Secretary, Raleigh
Mr. Thomas H. Roberg, Past President, Raleigh

Ms. Catharine Biggs Arrowood, Raleigh
Mr. Richard L. Daugherty, Raleigh
Mr. Don Davis*, Raleigh
Dr. Warner Hall, Raleigh
Dr. Wm. Charles Helton, Raleigh
Mr. Bill Hodges, Raleigh
Dr. Ted Kunstling, Raleigh
Dr. Shaler Stidham, Jr., Raleigh

*Ex Officio Member


North Carolina Symphony Chapter Boards

Craven County

Linda J. Staunch, President

Nancy Alexander
Susan Braaten
Jim Congleton
Philip Evancho
Catherine Everett
Hannah French
Cille Griffith
John Haroldson
Mary McGee
Bettina Meekins
Champ Mitchell
Luana Palimetakis
Tom Payne
Karen Plaster
Lauren Quinn
Pat Rowlett
Dawn Staats
Cindy Turco
John Ward

Cumberland County

Mr. L. Dwain Joyce, President

Mrs. Ellie Fleishman
Mrs. Elaine Bryant Hayes
Dr. Jae Won Kim
Ms. Ashley Martin
Ms. Joyce McLeod
Mr. Calvin Mims
Mr. Worth Smith
Dr. Mark Tollefsen
Ms. Cathy Wilson

Edgecombe County

Ann Warren, President
Nettie Williams, Vice President
Catherine Powers-Moseley, Secretary

Erica Bilicki
Joy Chafin
Ronnie Ellis
Elizabeth Burns
Eric Greene
Becky Johnson
Nancy Dreier
Carol Ferri
Johanna Owens
Joe Proto
Jim Vogelman
Nina Rountree
Angie Ruffin
Katie Schultz
Suzanne Sharpe
Janet Spiers
Jessie Thorne

Moore County

Jim Arnold, President
Deb Swanson, Secretary

Luke Arno
Chris Dunn*
Ginger Minichiello
Marie Riedesel
Elaine Sills

Onslow County

Earl Taylor, President
Val Darner, Vice-President
Lyndsay Russell, Secretary

Elaine Bell
Jolie Brooks
Lane Beuerman
Dr. Erin Chaney
Pat Collins
Janae Copeland
Bill Darner
Susan Edwards
Gloria Goodwin
Dr. Robert Kell
Vickie Kell
Korene Marsh
Verne Seaton
Marjorie Tredwell

*Ex Officio Member