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Legacy Donors
Lamar Stringfield Society


The Lamar Stringfield Society, named in honor of the founding music director of the North Carolina Symphony, celebrates Legacy Donors, individuals who have included the North Carolina Symphony in their estate plans, and the donors who have made significant contributions to name a musician’s chair or endowed a special fund. For more information about the Lamar Stringfield Society or to make changes to the lists, please contact Emily Wilbourne, Leadership Giving Manager, at ewilbourne@ncsymphony.org or 919.789.5506 or Lisa Ransom, Vice President of Philanthropy, at eransom@ncsymphony.org or 919.789.5487.


The Chip and Judy Anderson Endowed Fund
The Joseph C. and Diane E. Bastian Endowed Fund for Music Education
The Bell Family Fund
The Ruby and Raymond A. Bryan Foundation Fund
The Kathleen Price and Joseph M. Bryan Youth Concerto Competition Fund
The Capitol Broadcasting Company Fund
The Melissa Jane Moran Carawan Fund
The Jeff and Jean Corbett Fund for Music Education
The Else R. Couch/John N. Couch Fund
The Charles E. Couns Viennese New Year’s Eve Concert Fund
The Marion Stedman Covington String Internship Program Fund
The Distinguished Guest Artists Fund
The Margaret E. and Edgar W. Dunham Fund
The Edgecombe/Tarboro Fund
The Marilyn Ehrenshaft and John Williamson Young Musician Master Class Endowed Fund
The Mary Whiting Ewing Charitable Foundation Fund
The A.J. Fletcher Foundation Fund
The Drs. James and Mary Susan Fulghum Fund
The Glaxo-Wellcome Fund
The Dr. Norman and Dr. Gilda Greenberg Music Library Advancement Endowed Fund
The Guest Artist Endowment Fund
The Guilford/Greensboro Fund
The Betty Lou Fletcher Goodmon Guest Pianist Fund
The Helton Family Foundation Fund
The Hulka Fund for Chamber Music
The Janirve Foundation Fund
The Elaine Tayloe Kirkland Fund
The Ron and Janie Kupferman Family Fund
The Carolyn S. Leith Fund
The Marynancy McLaughlin Fund
The Ruth Mary and Horst Meyer Fund
The Moore County Fund
The Arthur and Campbell Moss Solo Artist Fund
The Gwinn Marie Moss Endowed Fund in Memory of Violet Kilgore Tillery
The New York Times Foundation Fund
The Charles E. Potts/Fanny R. Potts Guest Pianist Fund
The Ina Mae and Rex G. Powell Wake County Music Education Fund
The E.T. Rollins, Jr. and Frances P. Rollins Foundation Fund
The Smith Family Fund
The Kay Struffolino Fund
The Alice Wynne Suiter Fund
The Banks C. Talley, Jr. Fund
The Wachovia Bank of North Carolina N.A. Overture to Greatness Fund
The Wake County Chapter of the North Carolina Symphony Fund
The Jennie H. Wallace Music Educator Award Fund
Special Gifts to the North Carolina Symphony Foundation Seat Endowment Campaigns



Anonymous (7)
Chip and Judy* Anderson
Robert K. Anderson and Janice McLaughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn C. Andrews
Mrs. Christine M. Baermann*
The Guy* and Ingrid* Baird Trust
Carol Ormsby Baxter
Mr. John Becton and Ms. Nancy B. Tannenbaum
Mary and Clifford Best
Janie Bird
Carl F. Blackman and Carolyn R. Miller
Dr. John I. Boswell, Jr.*
Paul and Kathy L. Briggs
Patty Briguglio
Mr. Doyle R. Brown, Jr.
Mrs. Helen Abel Brown*
Ms. Wendy Brown* and Mr. James Baker*
Dr. Clyde E. Browning*
Mr.* and Mrs. Douglas A. Bryant
Marilyn E. Burch
Mrs. Colette A. Burrus
Bob and Barbara Byrd
Stephen C. Cadwallader
Karen and Larry Calhoun
Mr. and Mrs. A. Leon Capel
Ms. Frances M. Carawan*
Barbara Carman
Judy C. Casey
Marion Lee Johnson Church
Dr. Joseph C. Ciechalski
Dr. Dennis Clements and Dr. Martha A. Keels
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Corbett
Dr. John Philip Couch*
Maurice and Bobbi Courie
Jacobi Daley
Dick and Marlene Daugherty
Mr. Don K. Davis and Ms. Peggy L. Wilks
Gwen and Charles Davis
Ms. Leah L. Dey
Mr.* and Mrs.* Robert C. Doherty
Ms. Betsy T. Douglass
Mr.* and Mrs. Edgar W. Dunham
Mr.* and Mrs. J. Reid Durbin
Frank W. Durham*
Bob and Connie Eby
Marilyn Ehrenshaft* and John Williamson
Ronald G. Ellis, Jr. and Earl Lynn Roberson*
Richard D. Elmore*
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Elizabeth G. Epstein
Mrs. Ina R. Evans*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Every
Mr. Don Farthing
Francis A. Ferreira, Jr.
Gail Ferreira
Laurice Ferris*
Mary-Owens Fitzgerald
Sofie D. Franzen-Moyle
Drs. James* and Mary Susan Fulghum
Ms. Margaret S. Glass
Gene* and Clara* Gleissner
Lykke T. Goetz*
Ms. Lena Anne Gordon*
Ms. Stephanie R. Gray
Drs. Norman* and Gilda* Greenberg
Robert and Laura Gutman
Larry Woodhall Hamilton*
Dr. Peter Hamilton
Mr. Thomas H. Hamilton, Jr.*
David Thomas Hardison*
Phyllis Marie Harris
Mrs. Elaine Bryant Hayes
Mr. William H. Heins, Jr.*
Rebecca* and Terry A. Henderson
Dr.* and Mrs. Donald L. Henson
The David H. and Ann L. Hinchcliff Foundation
Jack* and Madge* Hinson
Norris Hodgkins
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Hogen
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Hornberger
Ms. Susan Wainwright Hudson
Dr.* and Mrs. Albert M. Jenkins, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. William A. Jenkins
Miss Mary Anne Jobe*
Mr.* and Mrs.* Earl Johnson, Jr.
Mrs. Sondra Hall Jones*
Mr.* and Mrs.* Paul Kaplan
Genevra B. Kelly
John and CeCe Kennedy
Joyce E. Kidd
Mrs. Nancy Wallace Kirk
Mrs. Doris Knecht*
Mr.* and Mrs.* Max V. Krebs
Ronald Kupferman
James Laing
Mr. Roy Lawrence*
Dr. and Mrs. William D. Lee
Ms. Carolyn S. Leith
Mr. and Mrs.* Arnold Lerman
David and Glenda Lewis
John C. Lucht*
Sara Jo Manning
Billie Marrow*
Dr.* and Mrs. LeRoy B. Martin, Jr.
Matthews Family
Dr. Mark McClure and Ms. Cheri Elliott
Steven K. McCombs
Elizabeth “Ann” Archibald McDermed*
Dr. Neill McLeod
Dr. Arthur Mellor*
Harry W. Meredith, Jr.
Mr. Charles Millard*
Louise and Andrew* Miller
Mr. John Robert Mitterling
Nancy Jean Moser*
Gwinn Marie Moss
Mirtha and Royce Murray
Grace Nelson*
John* and Dorothy* Neter
Ms. Martha H. Noyes
Ed and Laura Owens
Mrs. Anne R. Packer
Roy* and Patricia* Palmer
Ms. Frances A. Parker*
Mrs. Margaret P. Parker
Mrs. Florence Fowler Peacock
Dr. Emily Mann Peck
Mr. Goutham Penmetsa*
Mr. and Mrs.* William T. Peters
Mrs. Anne W. Phoenix*
Anne A. Platsky
Ms. Edythe M. Poyner
Mr. W. Trent Ragland Jr.*
Charles Rasberry
H. Wade Reece and Kathy Myers Reece
Edmund and Louise Reiss
Margaret Goldsmith Rice*
Dr. and Mrs. Alexander N. Richardson
Mrs. Fran Richardson
John S.* and Dellaine A. Risley
Mrs. Jane Robbins*
Mr. and Mrs.* Thomas H. Roberg
Mrs. Elizabeth R. Roberson*
Mark and Karen Rodin
Mrs. Sally Rohrdanz* and
    Paul G. Rohrdanz*
Catherine Rosin*
Luanne Lindemann Roth
Rebecca and Scott Rothney
Miss Elizabeth Moore Ruffin*
Margaret Ryan*
Rev.* and Mrs.* Robert Seymour
Stephen M. Sheriff
Mrs. Dorothy Shollenberger*
Mr.* and Mrs.* George Simpson
Mrs. Dale P. Smith
Mr. and Mrs.* Henry L. Smith
David Sontag
Mrs. Barbara Crawford Stanley
Terry and Dianna Stevens
Josiah* and Jane Stevenson
Dr. and Mrs.* Shaler Stidham, Jr.
Ms. Elizabeth Stoker*
Maxine Swalin*
Mr. Arthur Swanson*
Philip W. Terrell
Mary Theresa Tomlinson*
Dr. Lloyd D. Tuttle*
Mr.* and Mrs.* Steven van Westendorp
Nancy Vanhoenacker
Josephine Walker
Mrs. Jennie H. Wallace*
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wells
Katherine White and Tom Urquhart
Judith and Larry Wilson Foundation
David and Andree Wolf
R. Peyton Woodson, III*
Michael Morrison Woody and
    Lydia Fields Woody*
J. R. Wright
Mrs. Frances H. Wynne*
Mr. and Mrs. B. Grant Yarber
Mr. Robert P. Yoder
Ann Marie* and Ed* Zalewski
Henry and Martha Zaytoun
Joseph* and Thelma* Zaytoun