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Individual Donors

Thank you! The North Carolina Symphony appreciates generous support from the following individuals who help sustain and advance the mission of the orchestra. The Symphony gratefully acknowledges charitable contributions from individuals made between July 1, 2022, and March 28, 2024. Please contact us at 919.733.2750 to learn more about the Symphony’s Annual Fund, Major Gifts Program, or Foundation Endowment.

Includes Major Gift or Endowment Gift                       
* Deceased

The North Carolina Symphony regrets the passing of cherished Lamar Stringfield Society members whose legacy gifts were received in the last year:

The Guy and Ingrid Baird Trust
Dr. Clyde E. Browning
Ms. Laurice Ferris
Gene and Clara Gleissner
Dr. Gilda Greenberg
Miss Mary Anne Jobe
Ms. Elizabeth A.A. McDermed
Dr. Arthur M. Mellor
John and Dorothy Neter
Charles Rasberry
Mrs. Jennie H. Wallace


Anonymous (2) ◇
Joseph C. and Diane Bastian ◇
Dr. Marilyn Ehrenshaft* and Dr. John Williamson ◇
Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Charles Helton
Ella Ann Holding ◇
Mrs. Frances P. Rollins ◇
Mr. and Mrs. O. Temple Sloan, Jr. ◇
Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Smith ◇


Chip Anderson
Ms. Catharine Biggs Arrowood
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Corbett ◇
Roy Cromartie and Paul Fomberg ◇
Mr. Don K. Davis and
    Ms. Peggy L. Wilks
Ross W. Lampe, Jr.
John and CeCe Kennedy ◇
Ron and Nancy McFarlane ◇
Louise and Andrew* Miller
Dr. Emily Mann Peck ◇
William T. Peters ◇
Sandy Sully ◇
Mrs. Darliene Sweeten Woolner


Senator and Mrs. John M. Alexander, Jr
Tim and Carroll Clancy
Mr. Hugh Cullman*
Jacobi Daley
Bob and Connie Eby
Dr. Mary Susan K. Fulghum ◇
Dr. and Mrs. Warner Hall ◇
Kate and Jeff Hedges
Mr. and Mrs. Dilwyn Huey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Lamb ◇
Shelba Marshall
Dr. Assad Meymandi*
Peter and Ona Pickens
Ann and Hamilton Sloan
    Family Foundation
Terry and Dianna Stevens ◇
Shaler Stidham
Mr. Philip W. Terrell, Jr. and
    Mrs. Stephanie Gray
Mrs. Joseph Vanhoenacker
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Wilson ◇


Mr. Christian and Dr. Deborah Bigsby
Paul and Kathy L. Briggs
Patty Briguglio
Marsha Ferree and Michael Gering
Clark & Hannah French
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Haines ◇
Elaine Bryant Hayes
Susan and Jeff Kimmel
Dr. Robert C. Kochersberger and
    the Rev. Janet C. Watrous
Mark and Linda Leithe
Mrs. Ginger Lockamy and Dr. Anderson White III
Bob and Harriett Loweth
Janet Mason
Mr. and Mrs.* Thomas H. Roberg
Paul and Holly Tesar
Alison and Shane Trapp
Lea Walker
Chris and Kalesia Woody
Dr. and Mrs. S. Stanley Young


Trude and Michael Bate ◇
Susan and Gordon Carson
Mrs. Judy G. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander De Grand
Kristen and Steve Hess
Sandi M.A. Macdonald and
    Henry J. Grzes ◇
Mrs. Christine M. Mele
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Narron ◇
Meredith Nelson and Keith Donahue
Mrs. Jane Norris ◇
Ashley and Sterling Perkinson
David Sontag ◇
Christiaan van Westendorp “In memory of
    his parents, Steven and
    Laura Mae van Westendorp” ◇
Katherine R. White and
   Thomas W. Urquhart


Stephanie and Wil Bass
Dianne and Bruce Birch
Richard Blanton and Candace Haigler
Susan and Robert Boswell
Angelique and Jud Bowman
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Burriss
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Byrne
Maria Cockrum ◇
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Dannelly
>Mr. and Mrs. James Datin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Daugherty
Dr. Mark Fountain and Brenda Bruce Fountain
Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Futrell, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Gardner
Jack and Rita* Gartner
Drs. Lewis and Olive Greenwald
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Halladay
Carolyn M. Happer and Leonard Graham
Carol Hazard and Winston Liao
Mr. and Mrs. John Healy, Jr. ◇
Richard E. and Zoila C. Hinson
Bill and Susan Hodges
Stephen Hodges and Patricia Brennan Hodges
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Hornberger ◇
Barbara S. Hulka
H. Kenneth Jackle ◇
Joseph Kahn
Mike Killam and Candace Turney
Dr. and Mrs. Ted Kunstling
Dr. William and Mrs. Colleen Lee
Judith LeGrand
Gene and Diane Linfors
David W. Mallison and Carolyn Chaliff
Mrs. Sara Jo Manning
Jane McNair Marr
Mr. and Mrs. John Medinger
Mrs. MaeOmie Mosely
Ann Nelson
John and Mary Newton
Edward and Eileen Okel
Margaret Parker ◇
Shirley E. Potter
Thomas and Gretchen Quinn
Ms. Dolores M. Raynor
Dr. P. Ramachandra Reddy and
    Dr. Sarala Reddy
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Reiss
Dellaine A. Risley
Donna Ryder and Skip Hulland
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Scheper
Matt and Meg Segal
Dianne C. Sellers
Mrs. Jennette C. Skinner ◇
Beverly Taylor
Richard and Jamie Thomas
Linda M. Tracy
Cynthia L. Turco
Michael and Beth Van Amburgh
Isabel Villa-Garcia and Larry Shaheen
Mr. and Mrs. Smedes York


Anonymous (8)
Mark and Gayle Acuff
George and Debbie Aiken
Ralph H. Ashworth
Mrs. Susan Joan Smiley Baker and Mr. Scott Baker
Anil and Marcia Bakshi
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Barnett
Hutton and Sibylle Barron
Mrs. Carol Baxter
Agnes R. Beane
John Becton and Nancy Tannenbaum
Jennifer L. Behrens
Janie Bird
Mary Mac and Tom Bradshaw
Mary C. Bratton
Mr.* and Mrs. Douglas A. Bryant ◇
Eva and Ruth Buck
David and Patricia Burgess
Kathy Burk
Colette Burrus
John and Margaret Chickering
Janice R. Christensen
Marion Johnson Church
Dennis Clements and Martha Ann Keels
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Coman
Larry and Margaret Cooper
Brian and Cathy Cosens
Dr. and Mrs. Maurice N. Courie
Ron and Renee Crowson
Julia and Frank Daniels, Jr. Endowment Fund of Triangle Community Foundation
Ronnie and Diana Davis
DD Donates
Anne and Jeff Derby
Mr. and Mrs. Burton H. Dietz
Peter and Kathleen Donofrio
Ms. Betsy T. Douglass
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Dunn
Allison S. Elsee
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Epstein
Mrs. Sandra M. Fain
Nicholas Fasanello and Bryan Wayne
Dr. Michael D. Feezor
Mr. and Mrs. George Fishman ◇
Mary Owens Fitzgerald
Wendy K. Foreman
Berry Gentry*
Dr. Leonard Gettes
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Golden
James and Barbara Goodmon
Joe and Carol Gosselin
Robert Graham and Cheryl Peterson
Dr. Hugh Grant, Jr.
Howard* and Carole Guld
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Gunther
Philip and Nancy Hablutzel
Dr. Peter Hamilton
Mr. William F. Hamlin, Jr.
Dr. John E. Hammond
Drs. Charles and Debra Harr
Phyllis Marie Harris
Emily Hauslohner
Clark and Karen Havighurst
Vicky and Richard Hendel
Ty and Debbie Highsmith
Albert and Yang Ho
Fran and Paul Hoch
Dr. Angela Hodge
Mrs. Corinne Houpt
Rhonda Innes
Hannelore and Konrad Jarausch
Lisa Jones and Keith Smith
L. Dwain Joyce
Jo Ellen and Jim Kalat
Mr. Thomas S. Kenan III
Mrs. Marilyn Kennedy
Rosemary Gill Kenyon
John and Raymonde Koonce
Dr. Catherine Kuhn and Mr. Glenn Tortorici
Vann and Jody Langston
Roger Lawrence
Jack and Nancy Leavell
Linda J. Leith
David Lewis
Christie Knittel Mabry and Charles Garrison
Mrs. Charlotte Martin
Janet McCarthy
Gordon McLamb
Dr. Neill McLeod
Laura and Alan Mendelsohn
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Moorman
Dr. Robert W. Morrison, Jr.
Mrs. Joseph J. Moylan
The Nagaraj Family
Kent Nakamura and Martha Wunsch
Dr. and Mrs. Paul D. Naylor
Dr. and Mrs. Magnus Ohman
Peter and Carolyn Olejar
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Overby
Daniel and Elizabeth Palmieri
William Pate and Pamela R. Lawrence
Todd and Diandra Peacock
Arnold Pender
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Peterson
Marjorie and Ashmead Pipkin
Anne Platsky ◇
Matt and Elizabeth Ransom
Mr. Stephen Reynolds and Ms. Susan Osborne
Donna and David Rhode
Fran Richardson
Ralph and Francine Roberson
Joseph and Mary Kay Robinson
Dr. Harry Rosenberg and Theresa Joan Rosenberg
Jack H. Roskoz
Bob and Luanne Roth
John and Mary Ruth Roth
Mrs. Pat K. Rowlett
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Rustin, Jr.
Leonard and Sarah Jo Safrit
Vinay and Reshmi Saranga
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Anne Schick
Robert and Lisa Schiller
Kay Schoellhorn
Bob and Judy Spaziano
Dr. Jean Spooner and Mr. Robert Fisher
Dr. Anne E. Stephenson and Mr. Charles H. Gunn
Roscoe L. Strickland III
Cathy and Jim Stuart
Gray and Barbara Styers
Ms. Barbara E. Trapnell
Christine and Scott Truesdale
Josephine Walker
Dr. Robert Watkins
Francis and Sue Ann Westmeyer
Mrs. David K. Witt
Chancellor and Mrs. Randy Woodson
Arthur and Betty Zucker


Anonymous (12)
Dr. B. Jasmine Adams
Dr. and Mrs. W. James Alexander
Dr. Landy and Kelly Anderton
Drs. Anuradha and Narender Arcot
Mary Pride Ariail
Mr. John M. Asbeck
Bob Auman and Agnes Marshall
Ms. Bess Averre
Dennis R. Bahler
Mrs. Robert A. Baillie
Mr. Michael Barefoot and
    Mr. Tim Manale*
Faye Bell
Denise Shird Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Benson
Sally and Grant Webb Berry
Drs. MJ Bertsch and Melany Furimsky
Marilyn Beumeler
Dr. and Mrs. George Bissinger
Mr. Stanley W. Black III*
Carl Blackman and Carolyn Miller
Richard and Nancy Blum
Jodi and Will Bobbitt
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bowers
Tom and Susan Braaten
Carol and Martin Brinkley
Harry and Lisa Brown
Donna Bryant and Donald M. Stanford, Jr.
Linda F. Bullock
Marilyn E. Burch
David and Patricia Burgess
Bob and Barbara Byrd
Stephen C. Cadwallader
Beth and Carl Campbell
Drs. Gregory and Coralie Cannon
Kathleen Carnes
Dr.* and Mrs. Kevin Carter
John and Margaret Chickering
Howard and Julia Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Clark
The Honorable George G. Cleveland
Charles and Kathleen Clift
Dr. and Mrs. Philip Collis
Dr. James B. Congleton
Jo Conroy and Mike Lord
Hurt and Diane Covington
Lawrence S. Craige
Kristine and Gary Daynes
Mr. Mahlon W. DeLoatch, Jr.
Patrick and Brenda Donleycott
Mary Ann Dotson
Steve and Judy Duerr ◇
Worth Dunn
Carol and John Duvall
Dr. and Mrs. David B. Eddleman
Dr. George S. Edwards, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. David Farris
The S.K. Fellner Fund of
    Triangle Community Foundation
Phil and Susan Ficks
Floyd Family Foundation
Henry and Patricia Foy
Mr. and Mrs. E. Thomas Franklin, Jr.
Alison and Brett Gantt
Ms. Margery A. Gates
Vidya and Vasudev Gharpure
Lydia and Doug Gill
Marita H. Gilliam
Howard Glicksman and Lois Bronstein
Mrs. Jocelyn Glynn
Scott and Donna Grainger
Sara and Tom Graves
Rick and Betty Gray
Kevin and Myra Greene
Linda and Rob Grew
Drs. Ruth Gross and Hans Kellner
Charles and Cheryl Hall
Courtney Hamm
Douglas I. Hammer, M.D.
Dorothy Hanson
Paula and Charles Head
Mr. Terry A. Henderson
Edna R. Hensey
Norman and Catherine Herman
Victoria Herriott
Dr. Angela Hodge
Sylvia and Dick Hoffert
Bob and Paula Holm
Robert H. Horner and Polly Ashworth
Dr. Catherine Hren
Mr. and Mrs. Harris P. Huddle
Mrs. Kathryn O. Hykes
Marija Ivanovic
David and Gail Jackson
Jennie C. James
Karen and David Jessee
Drs. Robert and Melissa Johnson
William and Sally Johnson
Howard Allen Johnston Fund of
    Triangle Community Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Jones, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Kahn
Kathleen A. Kaiser and Dennis A. Turner
Genevra B. Kelly
Charly and Carolyn Kerr
Drs. Bruce and Margaret King
Allan and Robin Kirk
Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Kline
Linda Koffenberger
Jeffrey Krolik and Michelle Shrott
Frank Lacombe
Jack and Pam Lamberton
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Lampe
Mrs. Judy Larson
Ms. Carolyn S. Leith
Thomas H. Lewis
Patricia and Joseph Loughren
Ms. Carolyn C. Maness
Henry and Elizabeth Mason
Dr. and Mrs. Clinton Massey
Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Mattocks II
Virginia H. Maxwell
John and Cristina May
M. Catherine Mayleben
Colette and Tom McCarty
Steve McCombs
Ann Phillips McCracken
Christopher and Judith McCrudden
Jeanette McCullough
Jaye McDermott and James Mollman
Laurie and Larry McDowell
Meredith McGill and Jerry Slaymaker
Mr. John G. McGrew and Ms. Barbara Ivy
Holly and Ross McKinney
Dr. Neill McLeod
Dr. Scott McRae and Dr. Gail McRae
Champ and E.T. Mitchell
John and Judy Morgan
Gwinn Marie Moss
Mrs. Walter G. Moyle, Jr.
Arlene J. Mulrooney
Ms. Jillian Munro
Jim and Char Murphy
Dr. and Mrs. Howard W. Newell, Jr.
Ms. Susan C. Newell and Dr. Richard Tuttle
Susan and Dale Oller
Mrs. Anne R. Packer
Elizabeth and Jerry Parker
Florence and James Peacock
Harry and Tari Perlstadt
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Poole
David Price
Gary E. Prose DDS
Lilian Pruett
Richard Raup and Anne Meehan
Mrs. Gillie S. Revelle
Russell and Sally Reynolds
Pam Rideout
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Rivenbark
Dick Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Rodin
Dr. and Mrs. Jack Sasson
Dr. Trish Scarlett-Rafferty
Raymond and Frances Scherzer
Dorothy Schmelzeis
Kay Schoellhorn
Mary and Ernie Schoenfeld
Mr. Wayne Schriever
Cece and Peter Scott
Theresa Scott
David Seibert and Deborah Smith
Brian and Robin Shaunessy
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Sherman
Richard and Ann Shirk
Dr. and Mrs. Mark A. Sinning
John and Susan Siphers
James W. Smith
Margaret Anne and Bill Smith
Eric and Shawn Sowers
Ms. Mary Louise Spain
Ross and Andrea Staffhorst
Mrs. Linda Staunch
Julian and Diane Stephenson
Joyce W. Stroud
Dr. Ann Stuart
Gray and Barbara Styers
Alina Szmant and Daniel Baden
Mary Tait
W. Stan Taylor
Keith and Sarah Tilghman
Susan and Dick Timmons
Kristina Troost
Ed and Nedra Van Gombos
The Wadia Family
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Ward, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Warren W. Way III
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew W. Weidner
Harriet P. Weiler
Seth and Alison Weinreb
Jack and Claudie Wells
Helen H. White
Mrs. William B. White
Mrs. Lisa Williamson
Mike and Kathryn Wilson
Mike Woody and Jennifer Ingram
Jim and Bonnie Yankaskas
Fred and Phyllis Young
Tim and Sue Yull
Dr. and Mrs. Henry S. Zaytoun, Sr.
Joan and Jack Zollinger


Anonymous (16) ◇
James R. and Karen-Marie Allen
Jay Althouse and Sally Albrecht
Ben F. Anderson
Edward and Alison Anderson
Jane H. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Anderson
Ben and Caroline Ansbacher
Mary Pride Ariail
Constance W. Atwell
Gary and Susan Atwell
Robert and Beverly Atwood
Susan and Ron Aycock
Dr. Susan Banta
E. Ann Bare and Thomas A. Zang, Jr.
Drs. Randal and Alice Batenhorst
Dr. Subhash Batra
Shawn D. Bayle
Justin and Christina Becker
Roger and Elizabeth Bennett
Joel and Elaine Berberich
Shula and Steve Bernard
Richard Bernhard
Patricia Cain Beyle
Dr. Katherine L. Bick
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Bidwell
Robert and Joan Bigelow
Dolores Bilangi
William and Sandra Bines
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Bird
Thomas and Betty Bouldin
Joan Brannon
Byron and Sharon Braswell
Jim and Susan Bray
Dr. Rebecca Brent and Dr. Richard M. Felder
Lucy Broadus
Ken and Margie Broun
Barbara Brown ◇
James Bryant
Dr. Rose M. Bulger
Jayne R. Byrd
Doug Cahoon
Gary Carlson and family
Bill and Jane Cashin
Augusta and Dave Ceneskie
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Chambers
Margaret Champion MD
Patricia Chiarell
Rob and Margot Christensen
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas E. Cianci
Catherine Clodfelter
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Cockfield
Cheshire Cole and Beverly Wagner
Mark Conger
Christine Corcoran
Richard Crandall
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Crane, Jr.
Earl and Lynda Creutzburg
Geri and Bill Cullen
Col and Mrs. William C. Darner
Patricia S. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Davis
Stephen Davis and Nancy Shoemaker
Suzanne Dickinson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Doreauk
Ruth and Austin Drum
Shelley Earp
Daniel Edwards and Kathy Lamb
Ricardo and Ashley Ekmay
Bonnie Elam
Candace and Robert Elder
Byron Ellis and Suzanne Lyman
Dr. Barbara Entwisle
Mary Erazim
Robert and Mary Felker
Virginia D. Finley
Kevin and Cindy FitzGerald
Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Fleck
Douglas Flint
Col. and Mrs. Michael J. Flynn
Anne and Louis Fogleman
Mary Forrest
Harriette M. Frank
Werner and Marilyn Friederichs
Julia V. Garrison
William George
Mr. Robert Gillam
Paul August Gilster
Bob Gladfelter
Ms. Patricia Glaser
Fred and Karen Goldstein
John and Gisela Grace
Dr. Dwight Grady
Keith and Jean Graff
Lloyd and Cille Griffith
Ellis and Linda Hardison
Wade and Sandy Hargrove
Joe and Georgia Hartnett
Thomas Havener
Martha Hays
Mr. David J. Heartinger
Leslie and Mike Heavey
Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Herron
Susan and Carl Hibbert
Arjay and Cathy Hinek
Charlie and Bryan Hubbell
Mr. Andrew R. Huber
Pam and James Hutchison
B. William Irlbeck
Joseph and Susan Izatt
Barbara A. Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. David Jackson
Barbara Jacobs
Scott and Jean Jamison
Dr. and Mrs. E. Smith Jewell
Mr. and Mrs. James Jillson
Robin Johnson
Drs. Brenda and David Johnston
Drs. Scott and Carol Johnston
Carol and Ed Jones
Mary and Rick Karcher
Carol Kasworm
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Kemp III
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kepler
Evan and Karen Kharasch
Eun Heui Kim and Burkhard Englert
Jeanette Kimmel
Patricia Kinney
Capt. John Kirkland
John and Maria Knall
Myra Kornbluth
Dr. Jonathan C. Kramer
Lee Lamb
Camille and Louis Lambe
Lisa and Ben LaVange
James and Dianne Leloudis
Dr. and Mrs. John Leuenberger
Dayle and Aaron Levy
Daniel A. Lindsey
Dr. and Mrs. Myron Liptzin
Gregory and Eliza Lloyd
Eric Lunger
Dr. and Mrs. H.J. MacDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Machle
John and Mary Mainwaring
Betty Mandel
Mr. Howard S. Margulies
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marley, Jr.
Ben, Korene and Kara Marsh
Gary Marting
Ginny Mattern and Randy King
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McClafferty
Patricia McClary
AJ and Barbara D. McClure
Charissa McCullers
Mehrotra Family
Katherine and Richard Merrill
Herbert and Jeanne Miller
Larry Mintz and Vivian Presnick
Mr. and Mrs. James Mitchell
Peter and Michele Mnatzakanian
Ruth and Gary Mock
Dr. George Moore and Mrs. Lynne Moore
Dr. Rebecca Moore
Roger and Cathy Moore
Namm Family Charitable Fund of
    Triangle Community Foundation
Alistair Nevius
Peter and Barbara Nickel
Bette Jo Oglesby
Elizabeth and Dan Page
Karen Palmer
Ben Parrish
Jennifer Pavlick
Doug and Gennie Pearce
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Philbrick
Ray Pittman and Carmen Arnold Pittman
Allen and Karen Plaster
Meghan Pyle
Lee and Garland Radford
Kathy and Wade Reece
Mary Regan
Carole and Jerry Rhodes
John Robert and Alison Mattocks
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph M. Rodgers
Debra Roeder
Dr. Brenda Hyde Rogers
Andrea and Alan Roitman
Darwin and Deborah Roseman
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Saffold
Alfred* and Anita Schnog
The Rev. Robert T. and Carol D. Schriber
Verne and Sarah Seaton
Cynthia Sexton
Rollin W. and Dr. Frank S. Shaw
Stephen M. Sheriff
Connie and Robert Shertz
Faith Shertz
Robert and Sandra Shreve
Erica Sizemore
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan M. Skipper
Chris and Rob Skrotsky
Lawrence and Deborah Slupianek
Carter and Margaret Smith
Richard Smith
Sterling and Patricia Smith
Joe and Janet Spiers
Lee T. Spitznagel
Dr. Raymond and Mrs. Dawn Staats
Dr. Dennis Steil
Anita L. Stejskal
Mrs. Kay Struffolino ◇
Joan W. Sugg
Elizabeth and Patrick Sullivan
Kim and Rob Sullivan
Jerry and Diane Swaim
Caroline Taylor
Jeffrey and Shannon Taylor
Phyliss Taylor
Alan Teasley and Andrew Wheeler
John and Patricia Tector
Ronald J. Tell
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Tesh
Gordon and Derin Thompson
Dr. and Mrs. John Tinga
Lois and Franklin Top, Jr.
Jennifer Durbin Tuffy ◇
Henry and Elizabeth Turlington
Margaret Turlington
Mr. and Mrs. Judd Van Sickle ◇
William Versteeg and Rebekah Binford
Joseph and Kathy Voss
Ina Wallace and Ugo Goetzl
Mr. Robert Wasson and Dr. Julia Cardona Mack
Mary Weiler
Edith Werther
Janice Westfall and Andrew Levin
Jesse L. White, Jr.
Janet and Richard Wilkinson
Kerrick Wilson and Catherine Scott-Wilson
William B. and Ann S. Wilson
Samantha Wojenski
Mrs. Joyce Wolfe
Jack Woodring
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Wrede
Susan and Duncan Yaggy
David and Heather Yeowell
Neal and Judy Yocom
David and Christine Youngs


Anonymous (31) ◇
Joel R. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Adler
Christine Albro ◇
David and Lillie Anderson
Ellen Anderson
Emery Anderson
Kitty Anderson
June Apaza
Kathryn Aspenwall
Barbara B. Baker
Mrs. Christine H. Baker
Don Bartosik
Steve A. Batchelor
Randall A. and Susan M. Beck
Lynn Beegle
Eric Belanger
Dr. and Mrs. Jeremy Belch
Robert and Christine Berndt
Frances Bisby
Michael and Elaine Bixiones
Margorie D. Black
Jeanne Miles Blackburn
Karen Blair
Mr. Peter N. Bleckner
Daniel Bliley
Erin Blondel
Linda G. Blount
Mrs. Judith K. Bolt
Mrs. Carolyn Borden
Kevin and Rhonda Brandon
Lillian Bremer
Ruth Bromer and Joseph Huberman
Jack Brooks
Martha B. Brooks
Martina Brooks
Christa and Stan Brown
Eugene Brown
Frank and Ada Brown
Dr. and Mrs. Talmage Brown
Noelle and Howard Browne
Kristina Brunelle
Charles Bryan
Michele Bryson
Robert and Ruth Buchanan
Susan and Beth Burnette
Major Ann M. Burns
Michael and Joanne Burt
John and Karen Calhoun
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Camp, Jr.
Beth Campbell
Barbara Carman
C.W. and Carol Carson
Jackie Castle
Mrs. Emily M. Castrodale
The Chafin Family
Patrick Charland M.D.
Ann Cherry
Terry A. Church
Jane M. Clark
Margaret M. Clark
Suzanne Clark
Thomas Clark
Elizabeth C. Clarke
George Clarke
Aldo and Hyunna Coelho
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Collins
Al Conyers
Daniel Corley
James and Felice Corpening
Mr. and Mrs.* James W. Crawford, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Creekman
Jerry and Cheryl Cribbs
Bill Cruse
Joseph and Anne Csuka
Christin L. Danchi
Ellie Daniels
Dr. Andrew Davidson
Dr. Britt and Danielle Davis
Drs. Steve and Nancy Davis
Stephen M. Dean and Patricia L. Amend
George and Mary Beth Deaton
John and Cheryl Denardo
Margot De Sevo
Craig and Kathryn Deshong
Nancy D. Deutsch
Ms. Leah Dey
Mr. James L. Dicke
Alice and Michael Donoghue
Megan and George Douglas
Max and Ann Drake
Norman and Margaret Dunfee
Ms. Alice S. Dunn
Ms. Clare S. Dupree
Daniel and Flo Durway
Terry B. Eason and Jonathan D. Whitney
Susan Eby and Kenneth Posner ◇
Susan T. Eby ◇
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Edmundson
Eddie Edwards
Jack and Betsy Edwards
Ms. Susan Ehringhaus
Don and R'Lou Ellson
Daryl and Joy Emery
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Epps
Ann H. Erickson
Richard and Donna Falvo
Stephanie Fanjul
Shauna and Tom Farmer
Ms. Laurice Ferris
R. Hampton and Kay C. Fields
Martha Finkel
Pat M. Flynn
Samantha and Bill Flynn
Drs. William and Sharon Foster
Susan J. Fowler
Betty M. Fox
Mr. Neil Freedman
Mrs. Judi Gaitens
Nancy Galambush
Gregory Gall
Mrs. Jessica G. Gammon
Carol S. Gardner
Mr. Charles A. Garrison
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Gates
Ruth and Arthur Gerber
Rod and Barbara Gerwe
Anthony and Nikki Giachetti
Gloria Giammalvo
Mr. Michael Giarla
Wilmot and Mary Gilland
Mr. George Gillis
Ted Glod
Charles B. and Mary Jo P. Godwin
Mary and Greg Golike
Marcie B. Gordon
Ellen and Henry Graden
Stephen and Karen Graham
Cary Gramsch
Jane and Frank Gray
Mark and Kathy Green
Richard Green
Lynwood Grissom
Mrs. Joye Groff
Susan and Richard Guenther
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph and Rosemarie Gulla
Steven and Rebecca Gunn
Carol and Nortin Hadler
Julie and Jason Hall
Judith Hallman
Carolyn and Michael Halpern
Dale and Marilyn Hansen
Rachel Harter
Dr. Edwin J. Harvie, Jr.
Dr. Awatif Hassan
Aidan Hennessy
Richard D. and Mary C. Henry
Mrs. Charlotte Henshaw
Don and Connie Hiller
Dr. and Mrs. Bill and Jo Ann Hoffman
David C. Hopkins
Burton and Michele Horwitz
Ken and Martha Howard
Brenda Hughes
Barbara Hummel-Rossi
Gov. and Mrs. James B. Hunt, Jr.
Rebecca and William Hunter
Sarah Kazdan Isaacs
Ms. Thanta Isenhour
Dr. Donald and Debra Jenny
Keith F. Jensen
Laura Mary Johnson
Robert and Ann Johnson
Bob and Cecelia Jolls
Ms. Amy Jones
Margery Jordan
Claudia Kadis
Dianne Kapherr
Louis and Megan Karwoski
John and Joy Kasson
Joan and Howard Kastel
Phil Katz and Linda Duncan
Bruce Keene
Jeff and Janet Keever
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Keith
Mrs. Reba Keller
David and Kathy Kennedy
Dr. A. Dean Kesler, Jr., M.D.
George and Audrey Kessler
Tracy Kimbrell
Bob and Terri Kirchen
Ms. Paula A. Kohut
Dr. Judith Kramer and Dr. Lloyd Comstock
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kraska
Robert Kuppler
Joan and John Kuruc
Robert Kurzawa
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Kusa
James Laing
Philip C. Lambe
Nelson Landmesser
Dan and Vicki Larimer
Phyllis S. Larson
Ms. Judith Leggett
Lloyd and Susan Lense
Jonathan Lewis
Frank and Dawn Liggett
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Loewenthal
Derek, Ginger and Elijah Long
Ed Long and Pat Wood
Betsy and Joseph Lowman
Dayna Lucas
Greer and Chuck Lysaght
Spiro J. Macris
Rob Maddrey and Mark Tulbert
Ronni and Marvin Marblestone
George P. Markham
Amy and David Marschall
Gary and Loren Martin
Tracey Mason
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Massari
Brock Matthews and Jason Huckabee
The Michael and Phyllis May Foundation
Nancy H. McAndrew
Nancy and Elliott McBride
Darlynn McCarter
Edward and Connie McCraw
Thomas and Georgiana McDonald
Mrs. Mary Margaret McNeill
Diane McOmie
Anne and Bruce Mears
Margaret Millett
Eileen and Don Mitchell
Leann Moore
Michelle Moore
Merry K. Moos
Mr. and Mrs. David Moreau
David Motsinger
Kathy and Jim Muldowney
Jennifer Mundt
John and Lane Nash
Sylvia and Brent Nash
Sarah and Nick Newlin
Allison R. Northcutt
Donald and Patricia Novak
Julia O’Carroll
Paulo Odulio
Lori O’Keefe
Pete and Sara Oppenheim
Curtis Ostrom and Colin Dietch
The Owoc Family
Tom and Becky Oxholm
Dr. George M. Paddison
Carole and Gerry Paige
Aurora K. Pajeau, MD
Mr. and Mrs. George Papageorgiou
Walter and Lucy Paradies
Daniel and Sara Jane Pate
Daniel and Sue Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. F.J. Pearson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jere R. Pelletier
Bob Perry
Nancy Peters
Thomas and H.G. Piatkowski
Jason and Leah Pollack
Bob and Judy Porter
Ken and Peggy Powell
Nancy and Alan Proia
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Pruiett
Karen Prus and Lewis Carson
Ms. Deborah L. Radisch
Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Ratliff
Warren Raybould and Sherry Essig
Mary H. Raymond
George and Susan Reed
Mary-Stewart Regensburg
Alan Rimer
Carol Rist
Alice Robbins
Marion and Stanley Robboy
Patti and David Rockefeller
Dr. and Mrs. Hector Rodriguez
Mrs. Diane Rogers
Margaret Anne Rook
Robert M. Roselli
Mr. Philip Rosoff
Elizabeth and Michael Ross
Ms. Joyce Rothchild
Beth L. and Michael Rowe
David and Carlyle Rubinow
Tom Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Rye
William R. Sadler
Ken, Sherri, Philip, and Piper Satterwhite
Lydia Sbityakov
The Schaefer Family
Deborah Schiff
Mr. and Mrs. Felice Schillaci
Laurel Schultz
John and Kathleen Schupner
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Schwartz
Jennifer and Bill Selvidge
Kirk and Lois Semke
Dr. Joel and Norma Shapiro
William Sharpe
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Shereff
David and Denise Sherman
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Shields
Mr. and Mrs. Giles Shih
Jo Anna Silver
Judith Silver
Drs. Joe and Lucienne Simon
Karin Singleton
Carol and Robert Sirota
Tom Small and Judy Jo Small
Dr. E. Thompson Smith, Jr.
Eleanor and Michael Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Preston J. Smith, Jr.
Richard Songey
Christina Spiotto
John Spitznagel
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Sprankle
Susan and Harry Staggers
Max and Virginia Stahl
William Wayne Staton, Jr.
Doug and Evelyn Steele
Frances Steele
Thomas Steet, DDS and Julie Steet
Helen Stein
Josh and Anna Stein
Lynn Stellings and John Rybovich
Reinette Stephenson
W. Randall Stroud
Mr. James Edward Struffolino ◇
Dr. and Mrs. Don Sugar
Paul A. Suhr, Esq.
Nancy T. Sumner
N. Dallas and Janet B. Sutton
Rebekah Swain
Rachel Swerdlow
Dr. Edward and Krysa Szabo
Tim Tabak
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tabony
Ms. Jo Marie Tassone
Jerry and Louise Taylor
Earleen Thomas
Aurele M. Timken
Donnie Tippett
Mrs. David J. Tolan
Eugene P. Tomczak II
Jan Tuchinsky
Mary and Warren VandeBerg
William and Rita Villano
Harold and Barbara Walsh
Ann and Carl Warren
Tim and Sarah Warren
Marcus Wassmer
David Weinfeld and Nancy Levin
Sally and Ron Wenda
Walter and Elke R. Whaley
Mr. Rodney Whitaker ◇
Katherine K. White
Leigh and Greg Wilkinson
Stan Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Witherspoon III
Cheryl* and Joe Wolozyn
James and Charlotte Wooten
Gail and Michael Yaffe
Adrienne Yates
Ralph Yeager
Eric and Martina Young
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Young
Mark and Elizabeth Zeringue
Rodney Zimmermann


Anonymous (63) ◇
Charles Abbott
Byron C. Abels
Lisbi Abraham
Bess Adams
Dr. and Mrs. T. R. Ainsley, Jr.
Ms. Teresa H. Aldahondo
Ms. Nancy Burns Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight W. Allen
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Allen
Nina Allen
Linda Allind
Michael and Eugenie Almeida
AmazonSmile Foundation
Steven Anderman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Anderson\
Richard Andrascik
Elizabeth Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Andrews
Ms. Mary Ellen Appleman
Caroline Armstrong
Scott Armstrong
Elizabeth Arnold
Dr. John P. Arrowood, Jr.
Col. and Mrs. John C. Atkeson, Jr.
Peg Atkinson
Mrs. Charla W. Austin
Ryan and Stephanie Avett
Steven Ayers
Francis Bagbey and Anne Danly
Natalie Baggett
Dr. and Mrs. G. Tillman Bailey III
Ed Baisden and Jeri Graham
Joanna Baitinger
Barbara Baker
Sarah Baker
Terry and Mike Baker
Ralph and Mary Beth Bamforth
Beth Barfield
John Barlow
Laura Barnes
Jack Barrier
Jane B. Bass
Mr. and Mrs. Bo Batchelder
T. Nath Batra
Bobbie Battle
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Baublitz
Jonathan Beal
Jeffery Beam and Stanley Finch ◇
Eugene and Laura Beasley
Evonne Beattie
Bednarz and family
Martha B. Beery
Beah J. Bell
Ms. Mary E. Bell
Ms. Minta H. Bell
Neal and Jeanette Bench
Jack and Nancy Benjamin
Karen and Donald Berg
S.R. Berkshire
Mark A Bernat, MD, JD
James Bernstein
William Best
Howard and Lani Beuerman
Reena Bhatia
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Bisbee
Douglas Black and MaryBeth McDermott
Dr. James N. Blackerby
Candace Blackley
Mr. and Mrs. John Blackwelder
Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Blair
Karen Blum
Mrs. Susan Bobinyec
Paul Bobrowski
Bernice Bollman
Harry and Judy Booth ◇
Kristina Borjas
George and Gail Bosch
Ed and Roxana Bossen
Mr. Hal K. Bowman
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Bowman
Deanna Boyette
Katherine and Bryant Bozarth
Greg and Terry Bradburn
Nancy Bradley
Vandy Bradow
Tripp and Susan Bradshaw
Edna F. Brandt
Juliana Brandt
Douglas Braswell
Dr. Catherine Brawner and Dr. Rod Allen
Bill and Patti Brideson
Bob and Carol Brinkley
Walter and MarLynn Brock
Fred and Lynda Bronaugh
Andrew Bronstein
Mary Hughes Brookhart
David R. Brooks
B. Fern Brown
David and Ruth Brown
Mrs. Linda B. Brown
The Rev. Jane Bruce
Christina Bruggeman
Mrs. Susan Brunssen
Karen Bryan
Dr. and Mrs. J. William Byrd
Donal Bryson family
Richard and Dorie Budet
David and Sue Buning
Hal and Carolyn Bunn
Robert Burget
Noreen Burke
Mr. and Mrs. Thornton G. Burnette
Matthew Butler ◇
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Cain
Mrs. Margaret O. Calcagni
John and Laura Baker Campbell
Roy Campbell
Peter Cap
Lynda Carlson
Antonio Carpio
Rebecca Lott Carr
Paul and Carolyn Carruth
Susan and W.T. Casper
Gerard Cassel and Carol Larsen
John Cavanaugh
Joan Caviness and Scot Huber
Lloyd and Marianna Chambless
Miles Chatain
Jodi Cheek
Dr. and Mrs. John Chiles ◇
Dr. and Mrs. James Chimento
Dr. Billy Chow and Penny Oslund
Mr. William Christina
Roger and Lisa Christman
Anne and Tom Clark
Bettie Clark
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Clark IV
Mrs. Effie Clayton
Dr. and Mrs. John G. Cleland
Bethany and Mark Clements
June Clendenin
Ms. Kathleen Megan Clift
John and Mary Clinton
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Coffman
Lida L. Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Collins
Julia Collins
Ellen Mary Conroy
Catherine C. Cooke
Roy Cooper and Susan Hill
Elizabeth Cooper
Maggy Costandy
Honorable Michael and Joanne Cotter
Clara Cottrell
Rick and Patty Courtright
E.B. Cox
George Cox
Gary Craven and Marla Dorrel
Marci and Jerry Crawford
Virginia H. Criss
Ronni and Rick Cristol
Robert Cross
Marilynn and Tom Cullsion
Grey Currin
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Cutchin
Ms. Anne C. Dahle ◇
Andrew Dalgliesh
Gregory Dallas
Bill and Doreen Daniels
Edith Davidson
Kevin Davidson
Adam C. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Holmes Davis, Jr.
William Davis
Mrs. Angela Davis-Gardener
Joanne Dearth ◇
Mary de Grouche
Leisa Dennehy
John Derrick
Dr. and Mrs. Robert DeSimone
Judy Dew
Yvonne M. DeWald
Mark and Elaine Dibner
Willa Dickens
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Dickinson
John Dimiceli
Janet Z. Dinnsen
Cliff and Sheila Disbrow ◇
William and Barbara Dix
Forrest F. Dixon, Jr.
Rebecca Dodder
Janice M. Dodds
Mr. Thomas P. Doe
Mary Doerr
Sue Doligalski
Ross Donnelly
Anna Doo
Richard and Sharon Dooley
Mrs. Anna Lee Dorsett
Mrs. James A. Dorsey
Ms. Louise Dorton
Lessie Doughty
Dr. Brock W. Downward
Dee Dricks
Robert Drucker
Annie Dude
Sibyle M. Dulin
Susan and Dorsey Dunn
Ellen Durrett
Rex A. Dwyer, PhD
Wanda Easley
Ms. Shelley T. Eason
Pat Easterbrook
Martha Economedes
Mr. and Mrs. James Edmundson
John Edwards
Karima Ekblad
Ms. Donna R. Elium
Dr. Carol Ellis
Maria and Scott Ellis
Richard and Susan Ellis
Bob and Linda Emory
Pauline Endo
Judith Engberg
Steven Engel
Matthew Ennis
Carlos Espinoza
Maria H. Ewing
Mary M. Farmer
Doug and Michelle Farrell
Lisa Fedele
Lisa and Steven Feierstein
Sheila and John Fellerath
H. Duke Fentress
Ben and Jane Ferdon
Karen E. Ferguson
Marcey Ferguson
Ms. Sally Fessler
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Finn
Deborah Fitch
Mrs. Susan Fleck
Terence Fleming
Dr. and Mrs. G. Yates Fletcher
Sarah Folsom
Vivian L. Ford
Peggy Forster
Richard and Sonya Fox
Gloria and Eric Frank
Sally Franz
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Leland Frazier, Jr. ◇
Mr. James E. Frederick
Marilyn Freeman
Rola Freiji
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Frierson ◇
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Frisch
James and Barbara Fritschel
Mrs. Tempie B. Fuller
Stephen J. Furs
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Gallick
Minnie Gallman
Mr. Ronald Garber
Susan K. Gardner
William Gardner
Edward and Patricia Garrett
Charles and Maureen Garrison
Mr. Charles A. Garrison
Teresa Gasalla
Mr. Alfred G. Gash
Lauren Gaspar
Gates/Burton Family
Evgenia Gavryuchkov
John S. Gebbie
Eve Gelfand
Tony and Elli Gemma
Ms. Mary M. Gerrard
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Gibbs
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. C. Giersch
Ken Gilbert
Pat and Nancy Gillespie
Carol C. Gillham
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gilmartin
Joyce W. Gilmour
Ms. Ann T. Glassman
Thomas and Marilyn Goehl
Lowell and Carol Goldsmith
Jim and Agnes Goldston
Dr. Peggy E. Goodman
Mrs. Gloria Goodwin
Arnold and Bernice Gordon
Phyllis Gordon
Frederick Gorges
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grady
Judith Graham
Juan L. Granados MD
Sandra C. Graves
James Gray
Paul and Christy Greene
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Grendler
Mr. Stephen Gresdo
Thomas Grey
Dr. and Mrs. Ormond Drew Grice
Jesse and Penny Griffin
Karen and Christian Gring
Bobbie Jo Grissinger
Gene and Maureen Gsell
Mr. and Mrs. Mario J. Guglielmi
Priscilla A. Guild
Ann Marie Gunter
Mrs. Kathy Gurganious
Bernard Guyard
Dr. and Mrs. Gary A. Haakenson
Richard and Jeannette Haas
Harriet Hadley
Chris Halkides
Richard and Mimi Halkowich
Ms. Arnitra T. Hall
Maidi Hall
Mr. Robert E. Hall and Rev. Deky Hall
Judith Hallman
Jon and Frances Halverson
Don and June Hamilton
Michael Hamilton
Robin Hammond
Dr. and Mrs. Wilson Hardy
Clay Harris
Edwin and Abie Harris
Susan Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Hart, Jr.
Marian B. Hartman
Mike Hast
Jonathan Hayes
Mr.* and Mrs. Wilson Hayman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Heagler
Michael Helmer
Alice and Val Hemming
Agatha Henriksen
Helen Hepbron
Mrs. Mary M. Herion
Mrs. Mary Hermida
John R. Herne
Ingrid Heynen
Sara Ann Hiatt
Lydia Hicks
Edward F. Hill II
Paula V. Hill
Scott and Richard Hill
Ann Hillenbrand
John Hiner
Judy Hobin and Carmen Aragona
Anne Hocutt
Dr. and Mrs. Carl W. Hoffman
Mr. Mark M. Hogan
Barbara Holderby
Beth Holleman
Elizabeth Holmes
Nancy and Buddy Hooks
David W. Hoover
Penelope M. Hornsby
Simone Horvitz
V. Dwight House
Mr. J. Myrick Howard
Susan and Tom Howard
Kae Huggins
Margaret Hughes
Joan Humphreys
Leta Huntsinger
Vicky Rosan Hutter
Ronald Jackson
Jacksonville Chapter
Bonnie Thron and Fred Jacobowitz
Jacob Jacobsen
Dr. Mark Jalkut
Scott and Jean Jamison
Barbara and Vernon Janke
The Jardis Family
Ingeborg H. Jelley
Joel S. Jenkins, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Johnson
Crystal Y. Johnson
Bob and Irene Johnson
Lee W. Johnson
Marian Johnson
Mark Johnson
Mr. R. Horace Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Johnston
Mrs. Debra Johnston
Ms. Elizabeth T. Johnston
Iris Lee Jones
Jeff and Jeanne Jones
Mr. Wayne Jordan
Patricia Joyner
Lucinda Kahler
Dr. Gerhard W. Kalmus
Deepthi Kamma
Hilal Kanaan
Richard Allen Karcher
Matthew Karmel
John and Derreth Kavanagh
Elizabeth Marler Keeney
Laura Kehn
Matthias Kehrig
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kell
Mr. and Mrs. Vance Kelley
Elinor H. Kelly
John E. Kelsch
Chris and Trish Kelso
Jerry and Linda Kendall
Joyce Kennedy
Patrick Kernan
Dr. and Mrs. H. B. Kernodle, Jr.
Kathleen Kidd
Daisy Kiley
Laura Kimmey
Suzanne King
James Kirkland
Marian Kirkman
Glen Klamer
Mrs. Felicity Klintworth
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Knazek
Todd and Elizabeth Kneller
Krystin Knox
Betty L. Kobs
Charles Konigsberg
Ann and Jerry Kopec
Ekaterina Korobkina
Chuck and Peggy Korte
Roger and Pat Kosak
Kate and Damian Kotecki
Helen Kotsher
Mr. and Mrs. David Kraines
Virginia and Frederick Krauss
Donald Kreiler
Jan Kretzschmar
Wes and Lisa Lachot
Mr. and Mrs. Peter LaMagna
Barry M. Lamont, M.D.
Mrs. Pamela B. LaMora
Nelson Landmesser
David Landry
Alex Lang
Mark Langenbach
Mrs. Judy Lassiter
Rose Lawrie
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Leaman
David Lee ◇
Jordan Leiker
Richard Leonard
Michael Lepp
Arnold and Annette Levine
David Levine and Maggie Bailey
Drs. Ronald and Elizabeth Levine
Mr. John C. Lewis
Philip and Anne Lewis
Judi Lilley
Mr. Jeffery T. Linder
Ms. Margaret Ann Link
Mr. and
Mrs. Kenneth A. Litowsky
Mrs. Linda W. Little
Travis Locklear
Marta Loff-Bird
Steven and Arlene Lord
Janet Lott-Mitchell
Deborah Love and John Grubenhoff
Bob Lowe
Betsy and Joseph Lowman
Bonny Moellenbrock and Michael Lowry
Janet B. Lowry
Betsy Anne B. Lumsden
Chloe Lynn
Ms. Katherine Lyons
Lorraine E. Mabazza
Dalia Mack
Bessie D. Macklin
John D. Madden
Mariah Smith Malik
Mr. Richard Mann
Sarah Marchesan
Carl and Isobel Marcus
Carole Marin
Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Marshburn
Mr. and Mrs. W. Ward Marslender
Cynthia and Christopher Martens
Jim and Linda Martin ◇
Nancy Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Martin
Marty Massey
Nancy Massey
Anne Mathai
Katherine Mauney
Holman and Emma McAdams
Helen McCallum
John McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. McCoy
Ms. Louise McCoy
Bill and Edie McCrea
Nancy and Dean McCumber
Nelson Bell McDaniel
John and Kathleen McDermott
DeForest McDuff
Michael McGinnis
Valeria McHenry
Dawn McKinley
James Samuel McKnight
Jeff and Anna McLamb
Gertrude McLaughlin
Frances McLean
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. McLear
William and Frances McMillan
Hazel McNeilage
Elizabeth Meine
Andrea Mensch and Steven Edelstein
Liliane M. Michniak
Ms. Margaret S. Miles
Derek Miller
Donna Miller
Rev. and Mrs. William Miller
Mr. and Mrs. John Miller IV
Linda M. Miller ◇
Catherine Milligan
Joel and Bonnie Millikan
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Millington
Colleen Mills and Matt Williams
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Mills
Dorothy and Kent Miner
Mrs. Virginia Minichiello
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Mitchell
Ms. Karlyn Mitchell
Ronald Mitchell and Judith Lyon-Mitchell
Susan Mitchell
Betty B. Mittag
Ms. Betty Mobley
Charles Monroe
Alma Moore
Ann Gentry Moore
Bill and Stephanie Moore ◇
Mr. Steven Moore
Anne and Victor Moore
Eleanor H. Morgan
Molly and Pat Morgan
Susan and David Morton
John F. Munkenbeck
James Munroe, Jr.
Thierry and Lisa Murad
Wendell and Linda Murphy
David D. Murray
Mrs. Wilhelmina Muther
Ashley L. Nagy
Therese Nanney ◇
Mrs. Patricia H. Neal
Vance and Dolores Neal
Larry and Rene Netzer
Tom and Marilyn Nevison
Mrs. Andrea Newby
Corey Newport
Mrs. Deirdre D. Newton
Kwok and Linda Ng
Lauren Nickson
Pauline Nicolosi
Mr. Richard Nolan
Steven Norris ◇
Ned and Nancy Nutt
Neil Oakley
Linda O'Boyle
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O'Brien
Julie and Dan Oliver
Sherri Ontjes
Dr. Jean D. Owen
Mrs. Candis Owens
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Page III
Julie Palmieri
Ms. Mary Panek
Stuart Levin and Sondra Panico
David Paquette
Elton C. Parker, Jr.
Jessica Parker
Karen Parker
Katherine Parker-Lowe
Ginger Parnell
Mr. Donald P. Parson
Alice Parsons
William Parsons
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Passannante
James and Jan Peach
Irv and Ann Pearce
Ms. Barbara B. Pedersen
Dick and Patti Peebles
Anne Pelham ◇
Kay Pellack
J. Kent and Muffy Pepper
Bill and Carol Perdue
Patricia Perrin
Carolyn Perry
Mary E. Persson
Ms. Mary C. Pettitt
Mr. Donald E. Phelps
Kristen Phend
Joy Phillips
Larry and Flora Phillips
Carl Pieper
Dr. and Mrs. Willard C. Pierson, Jr.
Sally and Jack Pinnix
William and Mary Anne Pogue
Ms. Dorothy Policastro
James and Lillian Poole
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Poole
Michael and Earla Jean Pope
Paul and Kaye Pope
Ben Popkin
Elizabeth P. Potter
Joe Prater
Ted and Margaret Pratt
Mr. and Mrs. John Presley
Julian Preston
Campbell Price
Mrs. Frances H. Price
Mary and Bill Price
Randall Proctor, Jr.
Leonard and Beatrice Prosnitz
Lee and Mary Purcell
Mrs. Suzanne T. Purrington
Deborah Railey
Mrs. Elizabeth Ramos
Ed Randall
Mr. Clifford Raynor
Stephen Reber
Philip and Peg Rees
Mrs. Carol Reilly
Raymond J. Reisert, Jr.
Mick and Diana Repanich
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Revelle III
Roger and Jeanne Rick
Kevin and Julie Ricker
Ron and Sara Riggle
Tom Riley
Jodie Rippy
Steve Ritchie
Mr. E. K. Ritter, Jr.
James B. Rives and John L. Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Roberson
Dana Gaines Robinson ◇
Susan Rodger and Thomas Narten
Jerry and Mona Rodgers
Robert and Helen Rodman
Mrs. Ann B. Rogers
Dr. Paul Rogow and Ms. Carol Gemson
James Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rosenberg
David Rosenwasser
Art and Jan Ross
Glenn and Fran Ross
Marion Ross
Mrs. Terry Rostamo
Nina and Charles Rountree
Irwin Rovner
Susan W. Royster
Ms. Nancy A. Ruppert
Phyllis Russell
Mike and Ellie Ryan
Dr. Samuel G. Ryan, Jr.
Elaine Sandman ◇
Yvonne Sagers
Ms. Suzanne C. Sanford
Ilya Mark Sarasohn
Stanley Sasinowski
Lyn and Howard Satisky
Heloisa Sawaya
John and Penny Scandalios
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Scarantino
Leonard and Anna Scarola
Edward S. Schenk III
Aeleen Scherzer
Linda Scholz
Derek Schroder and Alka Mehta
Mrs. Barbara H. Schutz
Mr. George Scott ◇
Philip Scott
Janet Seabock
Valerie Sears
Judah and Nina Segal
Marc and Sue Segre
John and Lucia Sehon
Mr. and Mrs. James K. Sellers
Nipul Shah
Drs. Simon and Barbara Shane
Saul and Linda Shapiro
Beverly J. Sharp
Sherry and Jon Shavor
Jon and Bob Shaw
Lauri Shaw
Flora Shedd
Laura Sheely
Stanley and Mary Shelton
Bintu Sherif
Ms. Vija A. Sherman
Nancy J. Shugart
Randie Sidlinger
Mrs. Wilhelmine Siemion
Dr. Cathy Silverman
Ms. Roselena B. Simmons
Margaret V. Simone
Laetitia P. Singletary
Roch Skelton
Dale and Darlene Skinner
Jamie and Rick Skinner
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Slade
The Rev. Bonnie J Smith
Richard and Cathy Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. H. Gilbert Smith
Rebecca C. Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Smith
Mr. and Mrs. James N. Smoak
Joy Snipes
Stephen Snyderman
Michael Sochat
Kitty and Tom Solomita
Mrs. Harriet Solomon
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent A. Sordello
Christina N. Sorensen
Daniela Sotres
Philip and Doris Speller
Ms. Cheryl L. Spencer
Dr. Richard J. Spontak
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Squillace
Mrs. Barbara Crawford Stanley
Susan Stedman
Jason Steiner
Mr. Stuart Stern
Cheryl J. Stetson
Beverley L. Stevens
Ms. Kate Stewart
Donald R. Stoll
Martha and Jerry Strickland
Bobby and Patty Stricklin
Karen Suchsland
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Sullivan
Mrs. Jeanne Sumpter
Li Sun
Mr. and Mrs. John Sutherland
Dr. Janice Swab
Ms. Deborah Swan
Helen Szuluk
Richard Taliaferro ◇
Anya Tatarchuk
Mr. Edward Taws, Jr.
Bud and Hayden Taylor
Christine Taylor
David C. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Taylor
Fred M. Taylor
Hugh and Betty Taylor
Michael Teague
Jeneal and Judith Teander
Richard Telkamp
John Telling
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie O. Tharrington
Mark and Nancy Thoman
Jeff and Linda Thomas
Mrs. R. Thomas
Betty A. Thompson
Ms. Debbie Thompson
Linda and George Thompson
Terry Elizabeth Thompson ◇
Julia M. Thorp
Mr. and Mrs. David Tillem
Nancy Tillett
Cara Tillis
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory T. Todd
Julie Tomlin and Phil Lewis
Jessica Tompkins
Wendy-Jo Toyama ◇
Mrs. Marjorie Tredwell
Sandy Tremblay and Paul Hammock
Ms. Mary K. Tripodi and Mr. Herman Knieriem, Jr.
Claude R. Trotter, Jr.
Lynne Trussell
Gawin Tsai
Linda T. Tucker
MaryAnn Turlington
Ronald and Mary Karen Uchacz ◇
John C. Ulffers
Joan Ulvog
Mr. Robert W. Upchurch
Sharon Valvona
Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Varner
Mrs. Gayle P. Van Velsor
Mrs. Nancy V. Verboon
Mrs. Maryan Verstegen
Mark Vinson
Gail Von Gonten
Douglas and Ann Wadeson
Theodore Wagner
Geneva Walata
Leigh Walker
Patrick Wallace and Laurie McNeil
Mrs. Marijennie B. Warlick
Mr. and Mrs. Reed Warren
Mrs. Alice W. Watkins
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Watson
Bill and Ruth Watson
William M. Watts, Jr.
Carolyn Weaver
Roy Weaver
Ravisha Weerasinghe
Lydia Wegman
Steven Weitnauer / SOLUTIONS pdm
Elizabeth Welch
Dennis and Kathryn Welch
Mr. David A. Welsh
Robin and Barbara Wendell
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Werrell
Carol West
Gail and Peter Westlin
Jim and Barbara Wetterau
Janet B. Wherry
Leona Whichard
Ronald White
Betty Buller Whitehead
Harold and Kathryn Wiebusch
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wiggins
Pamela and John Wilkins
Jean and John Willard
Dr. Martin K. Williams
Mr. Nelson Williams
Dr. Nettie Jean Williams
C. Donald Williamson
Nancy Williamson
Sherron Williamson
Jim Williford
Ed and Carol Willingham ◇
Ryan Willis
Frederick Wilson
John Wilson
Dr. L. George Wilson
Marti Wilson
Bob and Janny Wind
Nancy Winne and Gary Phillips
Mrs. Cornelia Winstead
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Withrow
Peter Witt
Larry and Janet Wolf
Noela Woodall
David Woodard
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Woodard
Holly Woodruff
Kurt Woolner
Ashley R. Wooten
Marilyn Worth
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wrayno
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey T. Wright II
J. R. Wright
Mr. Larry L. Wright ◇
Michelle Wright
Alicia Wyatt
Alice Yeaman and Thomas Marriott
Koming Yeh
Todd Younkin
Bernard J. Zebrowski, Jr.
Arlene Adler Zeiler
Matt Zeller
David and Norma Zendels
Holly Zendels
Mary and Peter Zimmerman
Orlando and Ericka Zito


Anonymous (53) ◇
Susan C. Allred
Stu and Gloria Altenhaus
Thomas and Susan Anderson
Nives Antolovic-Stanfel
Juan Avila
Artrice V. Bader. Ph.D.
Ann Baker
Noah Balamucki
John and Eileen Ballance
Charles Barefoot
Bill and Sandy Barnard
Janine Barner
Earleen and Hal Barnes
Elizabeth Bartlett
Iryna Barvi
Allen J. Barwick ◇
Kenille Baumgardner
Roger and Kathleen Beauchemin
Gayle and Michael Beaudoin
Arlene and Robert Beckett
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Beisser
Thila Bell
Carol Bernstein
Mary Jane Bettman
Peter Bierfeldt
Peter Bileckyj
Todd Bishop
Lennart B. Bjorklund
Beth Black
Janet Black
Virgilio and Joan Blanco
Lee K. Blankenhorn
Sallie Blecharczyk
Ed Blocher
Susan L. Blount
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Blum
Valerie Bonanno
Lydia Bone
LaDonna Bonneville
Molly and Danny Bostic
Tony Botros
Mark and Sarah Bowerman
Kirby Bowers
Pamela Bradley and Richard Pabst
Deborah W. Brady
Ken and Peggy Brady ◇
George M. Brake
Traci Branch
Analuisa Brewer
Robert Bridgham
Andrew and Lucy Brown
Emily Brown
Karen Brown
Keith Brown
Margaret Brown
Elizabeth and Peter Bruce ◇
Dr.* and Mrs. James A. Bryan II
John Bryson
George Budd
Nicholas Burckel
Katherine M. Burke and W.A. Burke
Mr. Dennis Burns
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Campbell
Karen Cantor
Burton and Dolores Carnegie
Maxine Carr
Courtney Carter
Emily C. Cato ◇
Mrs. Brenda Chadwick
Ms. Hazel L. Chapman
Kimberly Chappell
Hunyong Cho
Mark Christensen
Mr. and Mrs. Eric H. Christenson
Dr. Robert S. Christian
Nina Christman
Jane Clayton
Louise Cockerham
Carolyn Coia
Jean Cole
Bill and Sharon Conley
Maureen E. Costello
Mrs. Ann D. Cowper
John Cox
Suzanne Coker Craig
Ann Craigmile
Kathryn Currie
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Currin
Christine Czerniejewski
Marge Dales
Richard and Gail D'Angiolillo
Stephane Daniel
Judy E. Daniels
Mary R. Daniels
Ms. Mary F. Dark
Michael and Cynthia Dart
Alyson Daves
Mark Davidson
Rodney and Kathryn Davis
Amaryllis G. Dawes
Shalawn Dawson, MPA
Barbara Dean
Mr. Robert Denny
Mr. Philip H. DeTurk
Mr. and Mrs. Sigmund Dicker
Laurel Dieter
Robert Dietz
Sara Dobson
Bernardine Donato
Dean and Nancy Donley
Marilyn Douglass
Sara Drumheller
Marjorie Dufek
Joyce Duncan
Mrs. Gail Dunn
Cheryl L. Dunseath
Gary P. Dupuy, M.D.
Tiffany Eastley
Thomas and Karen Eck
Mr. and Mrs. Craig C. Edwards
Laura and Jack Edwards
Leigh Edwards
Phyllis Eggers
William H. Eisel III
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Ellman
Josephine Elwell
Duane and Sharon Erickson ◇
Miguel Estrello
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Evans
Ms. Carolyn S. Fanjoy
Dr. and Mrs. Helmuts A. Feifs
Kim Feller
Frank Ferreira
Gail Ferreira
Ellen Fick
Vivian Fischer
Daniel Fitzgerald
Ms. Marcia Fleishman ◇
Antje Focke
Mr. Jerry Foldesi
Dr. Chris Ford
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Forney
Goerge and Marsha Fowler
Ms. Virginia E. Fox
Mr. W. Donald Frazer
Cynthia Freeman
Lillian Friedlander
Kate Frohman
Napier Fuller
Betty Fulton
Zachary Gall
Mr. Dean Gattone
Susan Gaus
John S. Gebbie
Gary Gee
Bruce Gensemer
Nadine Gershman
Ms. Jennifer M. Gilbertson
Alicia Gilsenan
Virginia Gliarmis ◇
Guillermo Gomez
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald B. Gordon
Christoper Graebe
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Graff
Mrs. Dorothy Gration
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene H. Gray, Jr.
Deb Greene
Marie and George Greenslade
Liam and Katie Greenwood
Gil and Claudia Greggs
Mary Griffin
Joe Griffith
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Grimme
Donna Grossman
Paul Hackmann
Hafoka Ohana
Dr. Patricia M. Hahn
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Hains
Andrew Hanagan
Mr. Lee R. Hall
Cindi B. Hamilton
Stephanie Hanses
Carol Hardison
Amy and Alan Hariton
Jeanne C. Harper
Joanne Harrell
Joel Harris
Mrs. Peggy D. Harris
Robert S. and Leonne A. Harris Fund
David Harrison
Kathy Hart
Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig Francis Hartung
Ralph and Louise Hartung ◇
Julie Haskett
William and Margaret Hawkins
Judith K. Heath
Amy Henderson
Marcia Herman-Giddens
Jose Hernandez
Richard A. Hess ◇
Joe and Margaret Hickman
Brianna Higa
Sheila Higgins
Caroline High
Scott and Richard Hill
Linda Hodge
Ms. Barbara Holbrook
Mary Ann Holdernes
Patrick Holmes
Sylvia V. Horne
Terry Hough
Deborah Howard
David and Elizabeth Hughes
Howard and Stephany Hull
Harvey and Jan Huntley
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Hurley
Abdallah Ibrahim
Alice J. Irby
Carolyn C. Jackson
Cindy Jackson
Jeanne V. Jackson
Laszlo Jakoi
Barger Jeutter
Kimberly Jochman
Alexis Johnson by Meng Johnson
Lois Johnson
Dr. Margaret G. Johnson
Nancy Revelle Johnson
Darlyne Johnston
Donald Johnstone
Saretta Jones
Stephen B. Jones
Karen Jordan
Ms. Kay A. Judge
Marina Kalinin
Deborah Kantrowitz
Marcia and Burt Katz ◇
Alison Kavanaugh
Ms. Beverly J. Kaveney
Jim and Leslie Kellenberger
Chris Kelsey
Skip Kendrick
James Kennedy
Mary Lou Kennedy
Jim and Debbie Kessler
Jeanette Kimball
Charles and Martha Kirkman
Elizabeth S. Kirsten
Jennifer Knoth
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Koch
Carol Kokesh
Dr. Ryszard Kole
Mr. Sam Koret ◇
Mr. Norman Krause
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip A. Kregor
Hamid Krim
Kukorowski family
Sumit Kumar
Karin Kuropas
Dmitry Kuznetsov
Linda M. Lamb
Mary Ann Pregnall Lamb
Mr. and Mrs. H. Martin Lancaster
SMB Jeffrey M. Lang and Dr. Lynn Z. Lang
Blanche Larkin
Jeanne F. Lawton
Gerald Lazarus
Barbara Lee
Eric Lee
Josephine Lee
Jean Leech
Mrs. Helen R. LeGette
Stephanie Leiffer
Carol Lenhardt
Jonathan Lepofsky
Noel Lerner
Alexander Leszczynski
Dr. Sharone Leuenberger
Amy Levine
Mrs. J. Michelle Liveris
John and Betsy Livesay
Robert and Barbara Lloyd
Richard and Dale Lockwood
Kim Lopes
Walker and Margie Love
Sue Lowery
John Ludlow
Jan and Marjorie Ludwig
Roger H. Lumb
Rosemary Lunsford
Joan Lyle
Taunya Macht
John L. Mackey
James and Kathryn MacNeil
Mrs. Celia C. Maddry
Kent S. Mahoney
Melissa Maloney
Elaine and Lee Marcus ◇
Connie Margolin
Judith and Arthur Marks ◇
Joan W. Marsh
Huey Marshall
Mrs. Margaret E. Marshall
Bianca Martinez
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Matthews
Lane May
N. Anne Mayfield
Sherry de Bellis McAdams
David and Carole McCracken
Rosellen McCrory
John McHugh
Edison McIntyre
Elizabeth L. McKay
Brianna McKelvey
Tanya Mclean
Roberta McNiel
Sallie McOwen
Chris Meehan
Joy Mega
Ronald Mehaffey
Robert A. Melone, Sr.
Debbie Menard
Dr. and Mrs. David Merten
Allan and Judith Meyers
Ms. Diana C. Michaud
Mariya Mikova
Griff Miller
Lisa Miller
Vanessa Ayer Miller
LCDR Walt Milowic, USN (Ret.)
Joyce Minor
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Minton
Robert Misenheimer
Michael Mitchell
Patricia Moell
Gustavo Montana
Emily Morgan
Judith Morgan-Davis and Bob Davis
John Morillo and Andrea Atkin
Katherine Morris
Anne Morrison
Fred and Nell Mowry
Patricia A. Moylan
Joel Mullen
Susan Mulligan
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Mullin
Mr. and Mrs. John Mullinax
Eric and Annette Munson
Julie Neboh
Mr. and Mrs. L. Dow Needham
Kathy Nekton
David Nelson
Thelma Nelson
Mr. Paul Neuer
Kris Niebergall
Andrea Nixon
Joyce and Hans Nord
Julie Blume Nye
Robert O'Connell
Anna O'Neal
Maureen O'Rourke
Deborah Ogburn
Fred and Mary Anne Ohsol
Ms. Maryanne Olsen
Carol and Tom Oriel
Mrs. Mary Overcash
Margaret Owen
Johanna and Tripp Owens
Liz and Jimmy Owens
Suleyman Ozdamar
Caitlin Park
Dr. Allan Parrent
Elizabeth Parsons
Allan Paul
Ms. Elaine B. Percival ◇
Ronald Perry
John and Lynne Peters
Maria Petrillo-Myers
Mrs. Jeanette L. Pfaff
Robert and Jean Phay
Silvia Pleasants
Jennifer Plurad
Mrs. Debra J. Pope-Lewis
Ms. Joyce Anne Porter
Dennis and Mary Craven Poteat
Terry Preston
Elizabeth Primavera
Pat and Vaughn Purnell
Gretchen Quinn
Nicky Quinones
Mr. Clifford Rafson
Bala Rajaraman
Laurie and Stephen Ray
Becky Raynor
Mr. Herbert Reichlin
Diana Reida
Michaela Reilly
Kathryn Remington
Lucille A. Ricciardi
Anita Richardson
Deborah Riegel
Kirby Ring
Edward and Margrett Robbins
Russell Roberson
Karen Robertson
Karen M. Robertson
Mary A. Robertson
Karen Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Robinson, Jr.
Russell Rockett
Barbara Rodgers
Joseph Rooks and Gloria Hale
Karen Rubino
Angie L Ruffin
Mr. and Mrs. George Rusincovitch
Mrs. Amy F. Russell
Laura Russell
Mrs. Lyndsay Russell
Kathleen Ryan
Dina Saiz
Marjorie Salzman and Douglas Johnston
Matt Sampson
Dawn M. Santori
Raymond and Margaret Savage
Melanie Savarda
Dr. Roel Schaaper and Mrs. Jane Simmons
Dr. Stephen G. Schaeffer
Dan and Karen Scharf
Alexander Schlunt
Mr. Richard G. Schmell
Roberta L. Schmidt
Catherine Schnurr
Mr. and Mrs. D. Schraner
Douglas Schuetz
David L. Schwartz, Jr.
Merl Seastrom, Jr.
Jeremy R. Serkin
Patricia Shackleton and Jan Chopel
Stephanie Shapiro
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Sharp
John Sheehan
Ms. Mary Shelby
Nancy Elder Shelton
John T. Shipherd
Patricia and Joseph Shurtleff
Zoe Silverman
Edith Simpson
Glen and Blenda Singletary
Laura Skinner
Carla Skuce
Blair Wall Smallman
Celia Smith
Dan G. Smith
Elizabeth Smith
Judith Smith
Mary Louise Smith
Michael and Anne Smith
Mrs. Evelyn H. Snyder
Suzanne Snyder
Peter Sola
Linda J. Speck
Rudy Spruill
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Stager
Nancy H. Stallings
Ms. Nancy Stallings
Antonia Stanton
Robin Steinberg ◇
Bradley Steinhoff
Nancy and Pat Stephenson
Mrs. Elizabeth Stern
Jane Stevenson
Mary Beth Stillwell
Dr. Timothy Linwood Stinson
Monty Stirman
Sue Stolbach
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob F. Stone, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Stow
Thomas and Margaret Stumpf
David Styers ◇
David Super
Sarah Swienckowski
Gabor Szentivanyi
Judy Tabachow
Mrs. Carolyn Taff
Enid Tallmer
Tarver Family
Christina Taurence
Carol Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor
Mrs. James I. Taylor
Mrs. Betty Temple
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie O. Tharrington
Del Thomas and Ed Vaupel
Ronald E. Thomas
Katrin Thompson
Alicia Thorpe
Heather Thorstensen
Irina Tikhan
Pam Toms
Anne M. Tordi
Bill and Heather Tracy
Thomas Trybuskiewicz
Laura Turnbull
Sally Ullman
Brenda Ungerland
Benjamin Urick
Heather Vahdat
Mr. Roger van der Horst
Judy F. Van Male
Carole Vangorder
Connie Varner
Dr. Jane K. Vella
Barbara L. Venters ◇
Arthur Vernooij
Cherie Vick
Margaret Viser
Kathryn Vollmer
Ms Judith A. Volpe
Lisa Wagner
Sharon E. Waidler
Daryl Walker
Ann B. Wall
Catherine Wall
Dr. and Mrs. George Wall
William Wallace
Mr. John M. Walls
Les and Carol Walton
Calvin and Suzanne Ward
John and Susan Ward
Darin Waters
Lois Weant
Cameron Weaver
Brenda Weeks and Family
Michelle Welborn
Frank Werner
Deborah Weshalek
Mr. and Mrs. Alex West
Carol West
Brenda Whicker
Gerald and Janice Whisenhunt
Hazel White
Mary White
Melba White
Beth H. Whitman
Aaron W. Whittier
Chuck and Connie Widney
Emily P. Wilbourne
Stacey Will
Julie Williams
Laura Williams
Teresa Williams
Allen Wilson
Lily Wilson ◇
Mr. and Ms. N. Rouse Wilson
Carol Winters
Constance Lynn Witham
Ann R. Witherspoon
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Witt
Margaret Wold
Ms. June Wollett
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis R. Woodham
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Woodley, Jr.
Mrs. Linda Woodlief
Cynthia Woods
Mr. Runyon Colie Woods
Gerald and Carol Wright
Samuel Wurst
Ms. Barbara B. Wynne
Cindy Yates
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Young
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford A. Younger
Alan and Lynn Zempel
Lauren Zimmerman
Laura Ziobro


Bob Anderson
Jan Barwick
Owen Beal
Mary Jane "MJ" Bettman
Harry and Judy Booth
Craig Brown
Fern Brown
Judy Cardy
Jane and Wayne Clayton
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Coman
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Corbett
Lauren Dunseath
Erik Dyke
Bob and Connie Eby
Verla Mae Fleming
Samantha and Bill Flynn
Gordon Fung and Linda James
Carol Gross Galloway
Eloise Gilster
Emily Glover
Charles B. and Mary Jo P. Godwin
Graduate Students in Composition, Duke University
Gordon Grubb
Ellis and Linda Hardison
Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Kline
Anne Whaley Laney
Dr. and Mrs. William D. Lee
Robert Lloyd
Sandi M.A. Macdonald
Virginia Mattern and Randy King
Dr. Assad Meymandi
Bo Osborne
Pamela Nelson
Mrs. Anne R. Packer
Jackson Parkhurst
Anne Platsky
Morris and Andrea Platsky
Gordon Poole
Katherine Posner
Clara A. Proctor
Paul Randall
Sandy Schwarcz
Nancy Shoemaker
Mr. and Mrs. Milton J. Sills
Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Smith
Mrs. Kay Struffolino
Gray Styers
Bonnie Thron
Dr. Kenneth Touw
David Westmeyer
Jackie Wolborsky


Paul Affelder and Elizabeth Affelder Kahn
Daniel Albro
Ben F. Anderson
Cliff Anderson
Judy Benge Anderson
Tom B. Anderson
Rose April
James Edwin Arnold
James Aspenwall
Jim Bair
Allan P. Baker, Jr.
A. Langhorne Bell
Richard Berkshire
Brenda Best
Harry Pegram Booth
Wendy Brown
Fritz H. Brunssen
Murry Bubar
Arnold Burk
Larry F. Carmichael
Dr. Kevin R. Carter
Scott Chaney
Louis Dale Clark
Ann and Vines Cobb
Mary Cruse
Mrs. Nan Cullman
Marthanne Davis
Alfred Ray Dawes
Leonard Dean
Tom De Walle
Robert K. Deutsch
Grace Stuit Dill
Jean Dreesen
Farris Duncan
Jo Anne Earp
Lois Ann Eisel
Julia Turpin Stokes Elsee
Daniel Ericourt
Lauch Faircloth
Virginia Ford
B. Berry Gentry II
Dr. Ann Gettes
W. Howard "Mickey" Goddard
Eileen Greenbaum
David Groff
Thomas Edward Hallett III
Thomas H. Hamilton, Jr.
Michael Hariton
Judith Carrington Holt
Robert and Ruth Humphreys
Norman F. Innes
Harry and Claire Jackle
William I. James, Jr.
Margery S. Johnson
Karin C. Kalmus
Kathy Meyer Keyes
Allen Kimball
Paula Kirkland
Robert Kirschbaum
James Koob
George Kornbluth
Susan Lane
Parents of Lloyd and Susan Lense
Jess Levin
Timothy Manale
Christine “Tina” Martin
LeRoy Martin
Gary Mayfield
Dr. Frank Webb McCracken III
Mimi McKinney
Dr. Jack A. Menius
Andrew Miller
Robert S. Morgan
Shannon Leigh Morton
Graham Mosely
Kathryn Y. Nelson
Julie Nicole Nesnow
Thomas L. Norris, Jr.
Thomas R. Oglesby
Hugh Partridge
Bruce Patrick, Jr.
Robert and Helen Patton
Marcia Phillips
Annie Laurie Pomeranz
Virginia Meyer Ramsey
Anne Marie Reider
David Richardson
Frank Richardson
Karen G. Ridout
Dr. Kurt Sachs
Joseph P. Schmelzeis
Eugene Schmidt
John H. Schutz
Arnold Shertz
Nathan Skipper
Donna Winkler Smith
PFC Nathan Eugene Stahl
Ms. Judy M. Stephenson
Carolyn Stidham
Elizabeth Stoker
Susan Stoker
Iris E. Stoll
Danny Thomerson
David Tolan
Wendy Toyama
Steven and Laura Mae van Westendorp
Jennie H. Wallace
Mary Alexis Warlick
Flo and Art Weaver
Edward L. White
Clay C. Whitehead, MD
C.L. Williams
Cheryl Wolozyn
Marilyn Zebrowski
Gerhardt Zimmermann