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Learning & Engagement
Appell Center For The Performing Arts
Spotlight on Learning & Engagement

The Appell Center continues its focus on bringing the very best entertainment to diverse audiences of all ages… but wait, there’s more!

In addition to planning the shows on our stages, the entire organization is committed to recognizing and celebrating the artistic talent of our community in many ways. 

Learning Workshops for All Ages

Acting... dance... singing... storytelling... jazz... improvisation... even circus arts! These are just a few of the focus areas that are available for students age 3 and up to explore. PLUS, we have added Tot Rock, an early learning program for our youngest friends age 0-2!

THIS SUMMER ~ Sharpen your skills, not your pencils! 
A brand new slate of weeklong summer camp workshops are on sale now! 

TOT ROCK RETURNS! • June 1, 22, 29, 10AM - 3PM 
Ages: 0-5 and their adults
This early childhood music learning program shares a well-rounded musical experience with infants, toddlers, and their families—an experience rooted in melody, rhythm, repetition and collaboration. Even more important than these musical concepts is the quality time Tot Rock will provide you and your children in a safe, fun, positive space full of music, laughter, and shared experiences. Music can be a foundation of family learning, so let’s make some joyful noise here at the Appell Center!

SOUND DESIGN FOR FILM • June 17 - 20, 10AM - 3PM  
Ages: 13-18 (entering 7th grade and up)
Design a short film and learn all about “foley” – the art of finding or creating the right sound for what is on-screen. Watch your work on the big screen with your guests in the Capitol Theatre at the end of the week!

GREAT FILMS, STARRING YOU • June 24 - 28, 10AM - 4PM
Ages: 13-18 (entering 7th grade and up)
This camp encourages active observation and creative exploration of plot, theme, character, relationships, emotions and subtext. All students will receive their own copy of the final film that will premiere on screen at the Capitol Theatre.

WHAP-AMA-PHONE • July 8 - 12, 2 - 4PM  
Ages: 13-18
With Keystone Kidspace, design and create your own PVC Pipe “Whap-ama-phones.” Then, learn a few songs and perform a concert at the in the Capitol Theatre! No maker or music experience required. 


COMEDY IMPROV • July 22 - 26
Ages: 8-12, 10AM - 1PM
Ages 13-18, 1:30 - 4:30PM
Come ready to laugh the day away while learning classic and new wave improv games that will jostle your brain and tickle your funny bone! The week ends with a student performance on the historic Capitol Theatre stage!

Click HERE to register your child today for one or more of these amazing and unique workshops they will only experience at the Appell Center! 

Community Engagement 

In July 2022 the Appell Center began a collaboration with Creative Generation, a group committed to pioneering projects in the arts and cultural, education and social change fields to support those organizations driving systemic change in their communities. This work produced an actionable plan elevating knowledge within our community to help inform a set of tools to create a societal hub for arts and cultural education in York County, PA. Listening sessions with key partners and their constituents were conducted, and information gathered from those sessions has helped inform the next steps of our strategic plan in this area.

At the completion of the active phase of this collaboration, the following statement was crafted and made public on our website:

The Appell Center for the Performing Arts seeks to be a cultural hub for the community in York.

We play a vital role in the local ecosystem, collaborating with educational, civic and other cultural organizations, informal networks, and individual artists to create experiences as outlets for healthy, creative expression.

Together, we believe in connecting the arts with education, personal wellbeing and family life.

We seek to build meaningful pathways in arts, cultural and creative learning for the York community through consistent, reliable opportunities which provide

  • engagement with a diversity of artistic and cultural forms;
  • multi-generational creative participation; and
  • transformative experiences for creative youth.

We strive to be a relationship-builder, convener and host.


There are many ways to join us in partnership, but here are some common starting points:

Click HERE to learn more about our Discovery Sessions and Community Engagement initiatives, and how you might work with us in partnership to bring one of your ideas to the community at large!