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July 13 & 14 • Reynolds Industries Theater
The Program

scott and the wonders - as of now

Conceived and Directed by
David Dorfman

Choreography and text by
David Dorfman, Lily Gelfand, Kashia Kancey, Nik Owens, Lisa Race in collaboration with the cast.

Maya "Eon" Allum, Alexa Boyles, Karmela Carbajal, Henry Carroll, Aubrey Conrad, Melody Green, Julian McKenzie, Brooklyn Moses, Arianna Polite, Sky Poole, Brianna Santiago, Laniya Smith, Yinqi Wang, Abigail Kim, Mary Matthews, Andrea Agostini, Anna Clymer, Channing Dayton, Brooke Moody

"#7" by Aphex Twin, "Gong Station Chimes" by The Conet Project, "Medicine" by Mr. Ho and Gedvile Bunikyte, "Nautilus" by Anna Meredith, "Black Noise" by Dream Supplier, "Come" by Lior Shoov, and "I Hate My Best Friends" by L’Rain 

Sound Editing
Andy Hasenpflug 

Lighting Design
David Ferri

Costume Design
Julie F. Moore

Message from David
DD, KK, NO, and LR thank the incredibly generous and talented cast for spending such a rarified, explosive, and enjoyable time with us. Thanks to DDD’ers and guests Diamond Laurent, Claudia-Lynn Rightmire, and Michaela Ellingson for contributing movement from afar to this project. And of course giant thanks to Jodee for inviting, and Nile, Lexi, Marlee, and Heather for shepherding FP so kindly. This dance is a snapshot of the performers’ multiple selves—and part of DDD’s ongoing research on intimacy, anger, and belief.


Sweet Song

Choreographer and Director
Kate Weare 

Assistant Choreographer and Director
Nicole Vaughan-Diaz

Collaborating Dancers 
Anna Cremers, Devon Drybread, Sanaa Fairley, Phoebe Harrison, Lilah Havner, Kevin Higgins, Jennifer Kim, Cecilia Kittross, Tessa Rudig, Ching-En Tseng, T’aja Williams, Emma Yeager, Jesse Zhang, Yitong Zhang     

Lighting Design
David Ferri

Costume Design
Julie F. Moore

Stage Manager
JP Williams

"I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face” by Andrew Bird, “Kapsburger” by Clogs, “Dance of Death” by Andrew Bird, “Rouge” by Franska Trion, “/=/=/” by Andrew Bird,
“Orphée - Arr. for Piano duet / Act 1:III. La chambre d’Orphée” by Philip Glass, “Interruptions (Heart and Breath Nonet): IV Miniature 2” by Richard Reed Perry, “Sing Them Down Together” by Bonnie Prince Billy

Special Thanks
My gratitude to these dancers for their creativity, open-heartedness, and commitment in process. Thank you to Nicole Vaughan-Diaz, Keira Heu-Jwyn Chang, Jodee Nimerichter, Nile Russell, David Ferri, Julie Moore, and the entire hard-working staff at ADF. Finally, huge thanks to the loves of my life, Kurt & Lily.



Dianne McIntyre

Mary Lou Williams "Medi II", Betty Carter "Open the Door", Abbey Lincoln "The Music is the Magic"

Choreographer Assistant
Brianna Rhodes

Lighting Design
David Ferri

Costume Design
Julie F. Moore

Stage Manager
Abby Garcia


  1. The Group
    Jennifer Bowen, Emma Carter, Kaylee Faison, April Gonzalez, Olivia Wilton
  2. The Door
    Emily Murray, Audrey Rosby, Tatiyana Rudolph
  3. The Magic
    Hannah Copeland, Gianna Dobrich, Francesca Lage, Sonja Stahl, Kelsie Williams

Choreographer note 
In Tune is inspired by and in tribute to three music legends:

  • Mary Lou Williams (1910-1981) is revered as an extraordinary pianist, composer, and arranger who was a vital influence in the eras of Swing, Bebop, and beyond.  As an educator, she was an Artist-in-Residence at Duke University for many years.
  • Betty Carter (1929-1998) is recognized as a major vocalist of her era with dynamic improvisations and a distinctive expansive range in her singing style. Known as a mentor to young instrumentalists who played in her bands, her program, Betty Carter’s Jazz Ahead, offered workshops for aspiring musicians and vocalists.
  • Abbey Lincoln (1930-2010) is known as a pioneering film star as well as a singer of “dramatic vocal command.” She was a prolific composer and many of her lyrics are poetic reflections she offers to inspire the world. An early civil rights advocate, she also went by the name Aminata Moseka and had a profound influence on many vocalists.

A special thanks to ADF for this commission; thank you to the amazing dancers, to Brianna Rhodes, to the designers, staff, and crew, to Andrea E. Woods Valdés and Lillian Weisberg.

Funding Credits

The Footprints program is made possible with major support from the Robert and Mercedes Eichholz Foundation.